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Friday, 16 February 2018




Edication Training Selection: First copy the answer today

Tamilnadu Government Exams Movement Announcement: 

It was announced that it would be able to apply for the copy and re-edition of the initial academic diploma examination in June last year from 22nd to 25th. 

The copies of the poster can be downloaded from the Government Exams website from today to 20 by the applicants who have applied for those days.

 For this, you can download copies of the website at the website. Only students can apply for re-evaluation and revaluation if only students have copied copies. Download and download the application on the above website and pay the fees mentioned in it directly to the respective District Teacher Education and Training Institutes.

 Applications should be sent from 21st to 23rd

Monday, 12 February 2018

37 Thoughts on husbands wife expecting.

37 thoughts on husband's wife expecting

01. Always do not expect to be loved and loved
02. Do not talk too often to hurt your mind.
03. Do not be angry with the small things.

04. The food should not be brought to the store frequently

05. Do not plan things that are nothing.

06. You should not give up your husband anywhere.
07. Do not expect to be accompanied by important festivals.
08. You should consult with your husband.
09. You have to listen patiently
10. To support and respect the husband's opinion should be respected.
11. Do not expect to appreciate if you do something different
12. Beauty is not the only goal. The child and the family need to be of particular importance.
13. Leave at least once a week to go alone.
14. At least once a month to see his friends.
15. You have to leave for four days at least once a year.
16. Carefully study the child's education. 17. Anything should not be transmitted.
18. Trust the author.
19. Need to tell her the most important things.
20. You do not have to deal with men next to your husband.
21. The next husband should be happy with what he got without knowing that he is beautiful.
22. She should feel that her husband will be in trouble too.
23. When you are sick, you have to look at it.
24. To meet the needs of small and small needs.
25. For the younger, you need to make small favors.
26. If the kids are getting lazy, do not say 'this is your baby'.
27. You should show your affection for your homeland.
28. Do not expect to come home for time.
29. If you want a meal, you have to do it at home
30. Do not expect to tell your wife wherever you go
31. If you do not get the time you do not get angry
32. Never get the serial thinking
33. The wife's birthday should not be compulsory
34. Husbands need to know everything they love.
35. Do not be malicious, such as falsehoods, falsehoods,
36. Do not say that the wife should be praised for her family.
37. Do not do the expenses incurred by hand.

wife expecting husband

37 thoughts on wife expecting husband:

01. Love and be pleasurable.
02. Do not be bogged down by the mind.
03. Do not be angry.
04. Do not be complainant in refreshment
05. Many people do not plan before.
06. No spouse should be allowed to go anywhere.
07. The main festivals have to go along.
08. You should consult your wife.
09. You have to listen patiently
10. You have to respect and respect your wife's opinion.
11. You should appreciate if you do something different.
12. Money is not the only goal. The child and the family need to be of particular importance.
13. Once a week. You have to talk away.
14. You must take out at least once a month.
15. At least once a year, you have to go on tour.
16. Listen to the study of children.
17. No transparency.
18. Believe in your wife.
19. Tell the wife what is important.
20. You should not commend your wife to the next woman.
21. The next wife should be happy with what he got without knowing that she is beautiful.
22. You should think that his wife will be in trouble too.
23. When you are sick, you have to look at it.
24. To complete the small and small needs.
25. Minor assistance should be done.
26. If the kids are getting lazy, do not say 'this is your baby'.
27. To show love to mother and wife. Because sister is better than mother, sister is much more noticeable than her sister.
28. You have to eat for a while.
29. If you want to eat, you have to tell me before.
30. Let's tell your wife wherever you go.
31. You have to come on time.
32. Always have homework.
33. Wife's birthday should be known.
34. The wife should know what she likes. 35. False things like lying, sud, alcohol and moth are not.
36. The wife should not be complaining about her family.
37. Let's pay for the cost of hand.

Saturday, 10 February 2018


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NET qualified for Assistant Professor's work: UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) released a new draft guideline on the minimum education qualifications for the university and college assistant professor.

In this, it is mandatory to qualify in any of the NET (National Level Eligibility Test) or set (state level qualification exam) examination with Post Graduate degree course for Assistant Professor. After the draft guidelines came into effect, the UGC has advised state governments and universities to make changes in the law based on new guidelines within the next six months.

UGC has been creating and releasing guidelines for higher education institutions across universities across the country to promote higher education standards. UGC is also making changes in these guidelines.

Now, UGC has issued a new draft guideline for university, college assistant professor in education. It has been reported that the NET or set qualification is mandatory for Assistant Professor's work. At the same time, PhD based on UGC guidelines 2009 and guidelines 2016. Finished students are eligible for NET or set exams. Furthermore, a minimum of 8 years should be an Assistant Professor of Experience in order to be promoted as Associate Professor and have published seven research papers.

To get a promotion of professor, 10 years of work experience should have published at least 10 research papers. The college principal is appointed by the PhD. With over 15 years teacher work experience. The draft guidelines have also suggested that the research score should be 120. The UGC has welcomed the suggestions and suggestions of public and academics on this draft guideline.

 The UGC said that the comments should be sent to the email address of by 28th.